Monday, April 9, 2012

Another pretty little basket!

Hi BFF just moved into a new house.  We went to see it this weekend and I decided I'd whip up a cute little basket to take to her daughter.  This basket is a cut from the Silhouette store and it was super easy to make:

Do any of you recognize the paper that the basket is made of?  It's actually "baby girl" paper from a DCWV stack.  I just sized my basket to avoid cutting the strip that said the baby verbiage on it and I was left with some gorgeous polka dots.  And I do love polka dots.  The cute little flowers were cut from another leftover little piece of paper.  Add a brad and voila--done!  The only bad thing...the little basket was a bit "tippy" so carrying it from the bottom was a must, lest we leave a trail of chocolate eggs from BFF's house to mine.  Although that's not a bad idea considering I got lost on the way there....ha!

I hope you have a super Monday.  We're loading up on chocolate from Easter, which means I see some time on two wheels in my future to offset the damage done by said chocolate!  


Tanya/Nonna said...

Oh wow...another adorable little basket! Don't ya just love the Silhouette Store? I can spend hours there! Love this!

Kate (Small Bits of Paper) said...

This is so pretty! I love the soft colours you've used.
Enjoy all that chocolate!!

Missy said...

Great little sack, and I agree--the polka dots look fabulous!